P-Pup Challenge

Take the P-Pup Challenge!

A cool way for kids to finish their pup story or create their own story featuring one of the personality pups.

Here’s how:

  1. Read the “Stories of the Personality Pups” to see which pup best connects with your own personality.
  2. With your parents consent, make a video of you reading the ending to your own P-Pup story and post to YouTube / Title: “P-Pup Challenge / kids name”. Also send us that story through our website, using the “contact us” form.
  3. Our team will select the best stories and publish* your great work, along with sending you some cool P-Pup stuff.

It’s that simple.

* Best stories selected for publishing will require a signed royality agreement, with the parents consent

Instructions for doing video!

  1. Kids – state your name, age and favorite pup.
  2. Read the “Stories of the Personality Pups” to see which pup best
    connects to your own personality.
  3. Add your own alternative ending to that story or create your own
    story featuring your favorite personality pup.
  4. At the end of the story, you can challenge one or two of your
    friends(name your friends) to also take the P-Pup Challenge.
  5. State – “Go to www.myppups.com to order your book and take the challenge today..”

Let’s begin!!