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Child protection and Safeguarding

The concept of Personality Pups™ is to have children from all over the world identify with a pup that best matches their own personality. They will be able to follow the stories of each pup and also have the opportunity to explore and use their own imagination by telling their stories through the illustrations of the pups.

Welcome Parents & Guardians

We all know that it can be challenging to keep up to speed with what children and young people are doing when online.  This page offers you information about the Personality Pups Brand and how we keep your child safe.  Please read to ensure you understand how we manage information and do everything to protect your child(ren).  If there is anything else you feel we can do to best protect children, please feel free to contact us below.

Your childs information

Our site has been secured for our users, we do not access any data except for purposes that enable us to offer a better service.  At no point do we steal, sell or collect your data unknowingly.  Any information sent through our contact forms is subject to our privacy policy and for the reason of answering questions and inquiries.  We never sell your data to third parties.  Any emails taken as part of our newsletter are for purposes of communicating useful information, with the promotion of products from time to time.

Our site does have cookies that run in the background that does give us very basic information and for purposes of running our site.  In these cases they are collected using reputable sources such as Google.  This information helps us to see how users use our site, which pages are accessed, what devices are used, location across the world and other basic functions.  They help us to know how are site is used and how to offer a better user experience for you and your child(ren).  We do not use intrusive tools to access personal data.

Our content

The Personality Pups experience is one of fun, learning, imagination and child friendly.  We offer content on our site for children to enjoy and access to learn about the Pups.  Our team ensures that information within is suitable for children and never knowingly uses anything to break this agreement.  We do use some third party software and tools but do our best to ensure that these suppliers offer a similar privacy and child protection approach.  If there is anything you have concerns about on our site we would ask that you contact us immediately via the contact page so we can address.

From time to time we do run competitions andd other challenges or giveaways.  We do so in the similar safe and managed ways.  We also trust that every child that interacts with these is doing so at the permission of their parent or guardian.  You agree that allowing children to use our site is with your permission and you have had talks with them about the safe use of the internet.

Links to other sites & Advertising

Our sites may contain links to other websites.  In this case it will be solely to our Social Media channels.  Our aim is to provide a safe and secure online environment for your channel within the world of the Personality Pups.  The purpose is for your child’s enjoyment so we will not look to include any links to other parties.  Any advertising within the site will be aimed our our products and services.  We do not include thrid party advertising or aim for your child to leave our site.

While we only link to social media platforms and trust that they share our standards for privacy, and protection of children, please understand that we are not responsible for the privacy practices employed by them.   We make every effort to ensure your child is safe and only child friendly content is available to them, but these sites are out of our control.

We use a collection of different social media channels to share our products and brand.  We have taken every effort to ensure that content can be duplicated within our site but access to these platforms can be sought.  We have tried to ensure that settings, content and privacy is shown for the relevance of children.  Whilst every effort is taken, others sites use different techniques and software to achieve their goal and we cannot be held accountable for information obtained by your child when visiting these sites.  Some of these platforms will display adverts within their site, we also do not have any control of this content.

Social Media Channels

As mentioned in the links and advertising section above, we have very little control over content your child may access when using these platform’s.  The platforms we use are as follows:

Our advice when children gain access to these platforms is to montior their usage.  They all follow universal guidelines to protect children and as such have age limits for this.  Some of these platforms are ways for us to communicate with parents as much as children.  

Our suggestion is that your child(ren) will be safe accessing our content on YouTube Kids, you can download the app from the appropriate app stores.  This app allows your child to access our (and other) video content that is suitable for children of all ages.  The other sites have relevant age restrictions and should you allow your child access this will be at your discretion and, we assume, with your permission and supervision.

Contacting us

Our approach, mission and over values are about offering children a fun and safe environment.  We understand that parents and guardians are all different and sometimes people may disagree.  If you have any concerns or would like to discuss anything with us about the protection of your children, their data and other safeguarding please feel free to contact us via our contact form.  We are always happy to help.