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Stories of the Personality Pups” is an introduction to the first children’s book series, authored by Darius C. Bridges.  These stories tell the background of twelve animated pups, each with their own name and unique personality.



Stories of the Personality Pups” is an introduction to the first children’s book series, authored by Darius C. Bridges.  These stories tell the background of twelve animated pups, each with their own name and unique personality.  The goal of this book series is to connect the stories of each pup to the reader(kids) own personality.  Through this book, each child would select a pup that best matches their own personality and then provide an alternative ending to the story they select.  As an added bonus, the book includes a sing-along CD featuring three original “Personality Pups” songs.

10 reviews for Stories of the Personality Pups

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    P-Pup Fan (verified owner)

    My granddaughter loves this book and was fascinated by its “P-pup Challenge”. After listening to the sing-along CD that’s included with the book and reading each pup’s story, she chose a pup’s personality that best fit hers. Using her vivid imagination, she made up her own story and a short song too. Then, she took the “P-pup Challenge” and urged a couple of her friends to take the challenge too.

    A DEFINITE BOOK TO BUY! Helps young children exercise their listening, reading, musical, memorization, and imagination skills. The book includes a free CD (great when traveling with children) and hard covers (lasts a whole lot longer than paperback). Stories are short enough to hold a young child’s attention and simply written with images displayed in vibrant colors. And, with parents’/guardians’ consent, children can win things by choosing their favorite P-pup, creating their own story ending or making up their own entire story. “Stories of the Personality Pups” is a great and engaging children’s book!

    P-Pup Fan

  2. pupsadmin

    I believe it is important for children to learn how to articulate their feelings and interpret the actions and feelings of others. With that being said, Personality Pups, is a great resource for the teachers to use as we help to cultivate and guide the young minds in our classrooms. Mr. Bridgesbrings to the forefront the importance of emotional health and communication… and he makes itentertaining.

    John C. Alberty, Jr., Principal
    George E. Peters School

  3. pupsadmin

    Our partnership with the Personality Pups project will benefit the Sligo Adventist School campus by promoting and reinforcing the individual uniqueness of each student and faculty. Each family and each student at SAS are valued, but the P-Pup project will ensure that each person values themselves as a masterpiece of excellence. Self-confidence and self-worth will continue to grow and with it a culture of comradery and tolerance for each other.

    David Turner, Assistant Principal
    Sligo Adventist School

  4. pupsadmin

    Children can enjoy a book written just for them. They will find the book to be colorful, exciting, enjoyable and full of adventure. Happy Reading……

    Jocelyn Bethea, First Grade Teacher
    Sligo Adventist School

  5. pupsadmin

    This book is all about puppies and their personalities. From my perspective I think that this bookis great because it shows children how to be themselves. I also think that all children of all ages should read this book because it shows them how to be themselves and not other people. For example, if your personality is an artist like Pierre, don't try to be someone your not like the cool Zad character. I think that all children and adults will like this book and I recommend this book from reading it myself.

    10 year old –
    Za’Riayah AKA Gadget

  6. pupsadmin

    My daughter absolutely loves this book. She also completed the P-Pup Challenge and actually won. She is a very artistic child and this book brought out even more qualities in her. When doing the P-Pup Challenge, she was able to create her own story and write a song regarding Gadget, one of the P-Pups. After reading this book personally, I actually saw quite a few characteristics of my daughter in many of the pups.THIS BOOK IS A MUST HAVE FOR CHILDREN!!!!! Not only does it help kids use their imagination, its relatable to the youth and a lot of their own personalities. The stories are not lengthy, which is great because of the attention span of most children. The colors are great and the book was well composed where kids could comprehend the stories. I urge parents to buy this book for all children.

    Lanika Gayles

  7. pupsadmin

    Aidan, my 10 year old nephew read “Personality Pups” after seeing it on my coffee table a few weeks ago. He looked at me and smiled, then said, that was the best book I’ve ever read.

    Elaine Arthur

  8. pupsadmin

    The girls loved their book so much that they began reading it as soon as they got it. In fact theyloved it so much that I pre-ordered another book. This book will definitely be a part of their summer reading program.

    Steven Hutchinson

  9. pupsadmin

    My kids are Khloe, age 5 and Josiah, age 4. I bought the Personality Pups book for them. Josiah immediately took to it and discovered that Dot was his favorite dog. I found that ironic because in real life, he’s scared of dogs. He identified with Dot and liked the way he looked. When I read him the story, he said, “Yep, I’m Dot”.Khloe, being the complicated little girl she is, decided that she couldn’t be just one dog. She picked Lily and Aleksander. In real life, Khloe is shy just like Lily, so I got that. Even after explaining that Aleksander was a boy dog, she still liked his story and said, “I don’t care that he’sa boy.” They both listened to the accompanying CD, when going to bed at night or during nap time. I can’t wait for the audio book Darius!

    Shaneka Peters

  10. pupsadmin

    My daughters are 6 and 3 years old and love the “Stories of the Personality Pups”. They especially love the CD that came with the book. We play the CD in the car while we are riding. They are looking forward to more books and music about the P-Pups.

    Rebecca Berry

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