In 2011, the stories of Personality PupsTM   was developed by a thirteen year old boy who loved to draw, paint and just use his imagination to create all types of images. His original creation of the pup is called DOT, a happy-go-lucky puppy who wants to spread happiness throughout the world. His lively imagination was embraced by his classmates at school, who then inspired him to create more pups; and now there are a total of twelve pups.

The concept of Personality PupsTM is to have children from all over the world identify with a pup that best matches their own personality. They will be able to follow the stories of each pup and also have the opportunity to explore and use their own imagination by telling their stories through the illustrations of the pups.

This started with a simple idea of drawing a cute little puppy and now is growing into a suite of books, songs, educational tools and both retail & wholesale products.